SS 2020 Fashion Patches Collection

Applications, laces, brooches, feathers, studs, buttons…
for successful garments and accessories.

And you...

Which trend is inspiring you for your next collection?

trend #1

Boho Chic

Applique with rhinestones, fringes and exotic embroidered animals
for a refined woman with timeless charm.

trend #2

Techno Transparencies

Pvc brooches in fluo colors, embroidered plastics, multi-colored fringes …
transparency matches the rainbow and creates hypnotizing garments..

trend #3

New metropolitan

Fantasy applique, trimmings with metal inserts,
moving fringes to stand out in the metropolitan jungle.

trend #4

Romantic hippie

3D and embroidered flowers, ethnic applique and crochet, retrò brooches
for a femininity that can be expressed in freedom.

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