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Italian style

in creating successful elements

Demoo is based in Vicenza, in the heart of the Po Valley, where artists such as Tiziano, Canova, Giorgione, Palladio and many others have been able to define the rules of style and beauty.

Demoo - Creative Elements - Vicenza
Demoo - Creative Elements - Vicenza

The continuous

search for new inspirations

The constant observatory on fashions and trends around the world is the key element of DEMOO creations: a multitude of colors, materials and styles that characterize the collections of their partners, and represent success with trendy products and innovative proposals


speaks the languages of the world

and expresses its beauty and exclusivity, giving shape to a style project that sees its beginning in the experience and taste of Alessandra Bottazzi and Piergiorgio Fattori
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Creativity draws its strength from the improvement of something that already exists, from the reinterpretation of the knowledge of the other

Alessandra has a particular fondness for the sparkling, bright, sometimes conceited effects: in her creations we find stones, paillettes, strass, and numerous other materials with a precious and unique taste.

Demoo - Creative Elements - Vicenza
Demoo - Creative Elements - Vicenza

Piergiorgio expresses at best his style with chains, studs, the world of metal, from galvanic gold to gunmetal finish, creating products that meet the most masculine taste.

The result of their creations is an original, unique, absolutely different collection